A Theory of Dynamic Light-Scattering by Flexible Macromolecules in a Fluctuating Electric Field

  • W. G. Griffin


The effect of a time-dependent electric field on charged macromolecules in solution can be studied using the technique of dynamic light-scattering. In the present theoretical study the effect of intra- and intermolecular hydrodynamic interactions is taken into account for motions of the molecules which satisfy a stochastic equation of motion of specified form. Approximate solutions to the equations of motion are obtained by a regularization procedure. A comparison of these asymptotic results with those obtained by mode-mode coupling analysis is made, from which certain conclusions can be drawn regarding the domain of validity of the so-called ‘generalized Brownian equations-of-motion’ methods. Finally, an analysis of the properties of other measurables than the scattering cross-section is given, for the particular problem of electrically driven internal motions of flexible macromolecules and the experimental limitations of such many-point correlation measurements are described.


Langevin Equation Simple Random Walk Drive Mode Hydrodynamic Boundary Condition Fluctuate Electric Field 
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  • W. G. Griffin
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  1. 1.Cavendish LaboratoryCambridgeUK

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