The Impact of Technology on Health Care Productivity

  • G. B. Devey


Low productivity in health services is a serious, current issue. Although health is the largest service industry in the United States, with expenditures having exceeded the $100 billion mark, the extent to which technology has been used to improve productivity and efficiency has not been encouraging. The more prominent causes of this poor record may be (a) little incentive to improve productivity, (b) the small size of typical medical care organizations, (c) a disaggregated marketplace, (d) the conservative character of the medical community, and (e) the lack of suitable clinical settings for scientifically controlled experimentation. Also, a hypersensitivity is developing to technology’s tendency to “drive” the system--or the “gadget-in-search-of-a-mission syndrome,” which so often prevails today. Some persons are beginning to ask that a valid need be determined by analysts and that these proven needs then be used to “drive” the introduction of new technologies.


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