A Comparison of the Properties of the Isostructural 1D Conductors Co0.83[Pt(C2O4)2].6H2O and Mg0.82[Pt(C2O4)2].6H2O

  • Allan E. Underhill
  • David J. Wood
Part of the Nato Conference Series book series (NATOCS, volume 1)


The prototype 1D conductor K2Pt(CN)4Br0.3.3H2O(KCP(Br)) has been widely studied over the past eight years1. Although many theories have been proposed to explain the electrical conduction behaviour of this compound the importance and role of such effects as interchain coupling, partial 3D ordering of the lattice (Peierls transition) and the random potential of the halide ions, are still not understood. It has recently been shown that information about the importance of these effects can be obtained by studying an isomorphous series of compounds in which only one ion in the lattice is varied2.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Allan E. Underhill
    • 1
  • David J. Wood
    • 1
  1. 1.School of Physical and Molecular SciencesUniversity College of North WalesBangorWales

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