Salts of Aromatic Cations and Related Graphite Salts

  • N. Bartlett
  • R. N. Biagioni
  • G. McCarron
  • B. McQuillan
  • F. Tanzella
Part of the Nato Conference Series book series (NATOCS, volume 1)


In 1974 Bartlett & Richardson used salts of the O2 + ion to prepare the first salt of the hexafluorobenzene cation:
$${C_6}{F_6} + {O_2}^ + As{F_6} \to {C_6}{F_6}^ + As{F_6}^ - + {O_2}$$
The salt C6F6 +AsF6 - is a simple paramagnet and the crystal structure is related to that of cesium chloride with each discrete ion rhombohedrally coordinated by eight ions of the other kind.


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  • R. N. Biagioni
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  • G. McCarron
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  • B. McQuillan
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  • F. Tanzella
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  1. 1.Department of Chemistry, Materials and Molecular Research Division, Lawrence Berkeley LaboratoryUniversity of California BerkeleyUSA

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