Recent Progress in the Chemistry and Physics of Poly (Diacetylenes)

  • G. Wegner
Part of the Nato Conference Series book series (NATOCS, volume 1)


The search for macroscopic single crystals of polymers with the aim to study the intrinsic solid-state properties of macromolecules and their interaction in a perfect three dimensional lattice is as old as polymer science itself. Unfortunately, it seems to be an intrinsic property of high molecular weight chain molecules to aggregate under conditions of crystallization in form of highly complex morphological structures in which parts of the chains remain amorphous and form a matrix in which microscopic domains of crystalline chain segments of the same molecules are embedded. For some time it was even believed that perfect polymer single crystals do not exist at all, mainly because the phenomenon of chain folding observed in polymer crystallization is so general and structure-independent that the formation of extended chain crystals of polymers seemed to be impossible (1). The extensive research undertaken in the area of polymer crystallization leaves indead little hope for successful attempts to prepare a polymer backbone first by one or the other methods of polymer chemistry e. g. polymer charge-transfer-complexes of the type TTF-TCNQ or polyconjugated molecules or even more complex molecules like the ones proposed by Little (2) with the aim to crystallize these products afterwards into single-crystal-like or at least polycrystalline materials.


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