Hand-Rearing Saguinus and Callithrix Genera of Marmosets

  • J. D. Ogden
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Marmosets and tamarins, small monkeys native to Central and South America (Hershkovitz, 1966), have been used extensively in biomedical research during the past decade (Wolfe and Deinhardt, 1972; Deinhardt, 1973; Falk, 1974; Wolfe, Deinhardt, Ogden, Adams, and Fisher, 1975). In 1965, a nursery for hand-rearing neonatal marmosets was established in our laboratory, in conjunction with establishment of a breeding colony of marmosets for production of neonates for viral oncology studies. The nursery was required for rearing parentally neglected, uninoculated animals and animals inoculated with oncogenic viruses. Neonates were used in the experimental studies because of their greater susceptibility to selected oncogenic viruses and, once inoculated, were reared in isolation from the breeding colony to avoid contamination of the breeders and to permit closer monitoring for experimentally induced disease. Subsequently, hand-reared animals also were used in our laboratory in studies of slow virus diseases of the central nervous system.


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