FSH Stimulation of Mucopolysaccharide Synthesis in Rat and Porcine Ovary

  • R. L. Ax
  • A. R. LaBarbera
  • R. J. Ryan
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 112)


Incorporation of mucopolysaccharides (MPS) into follicular fluid occurs during antrum formation in follicular development. Staining of follicular fluid with toluidine blue or autoradiographic localization of 35S showed that concentrations of MPS varied during the ovulatory cycle (3,9,10,11). FSH stimulated in vivo uptake of 35S into ovarian follicular MPS in hypophysectomized immature female rats and in vitro uptake of 35S by rat granulosa cells (8). Conversely, a decrease of in vitro incorporation of 35S by rat ovarian slices was evoked by either LH or progesterone (4), implying antagonistic functions of FSH and LH on MPS accumulation. The physiological significance of MPS on follicular and oocyte maturation and on ovulation remains to be resolved. This report confirms FSH modulation of incorporation of MPS into follicular fluid in vivo and in vitro and contains data showing quantitative changes in the concentrations of MPS in porcine follicular fluid.


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  • R. L. Ax
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  • A. R. LaBarbera
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  • R. J. Ryan
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  1. 1.Mayo Clinic and FoundationRochesterUSA

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