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  • Francesco Cedrangolo


I am glad, on behalf of the Italian Society of Biochemistry, to cordially welcome our Soviet friends who will participate in this Symposium. My personal greetings go first to Prof. Bayev, President of the I.U.B. A warm welcome to Prof. Engelhardt, whom I had the fortune to meet in Moscow in August, 1961, on the occasion of the 5th International Congress of Biochemistry. We owe him, among other findings, the discovery of the oxidative phosphorylation (see V.A. Engelhardt, Biochem. Zeit., 227, 116,1930; ibidem, 251, 343, 1932) and of the identity of the myosin with the ATPase (see V.A. Engelhardt, Adenosyntriphosphatase Properties of Myosin, Adv. Enzymol., 6, 147, 1946).


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