Physical Deterioration in Patients with Advanced Cancer

  • Irwin H. Krakoff
Part of the Sloan-Kettering Institute Cancer Series book series (SKICS)


Previous discussions in this symposium have addressed the problems encountered by patients and their families in coping with the stresses of impending death. We have also considered the stresses on the medical staff of coping with the dying. Changes in attitudes during the last few years have resulted in our giving more attention to both of those areas. It seems inevitable that concern for the emotional needs of the dying will produce better care for those needs. The opening of communication which is occurring as we allow death to “come out of the closet” is helping to dispel the discomfort that doctors have felt in their impotence. As we can talk with patients, we can better understand all of their needs. We can discuss what may be expected to occur and how we will deal with it; in anticipating some of the problems, we can relieve some of the fears of them. We can more effectively address, also, the physical problems which may be remediable.


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