Structure of the RNA of Eukaryotic Viruses

  • H. Fraenkel-Conrat
Part of the Comprehensive Virology book series (CV)


The first natural homodisperse polyribonucleotides to become available for chemical characterization were the virion RNAs of plant viruses and certain animal viruses. The finding that the infectivity of many viruses, first of tobacco mosaic virus, was a property of their RNAs (Fraenkel-Conrat, 1956; Gierer and Schramm, 1956; Fraenkel-Conrat et al., 1957; Colter et al., 1957), and that these thus represented the first pure genes as well as mRNAs to become available, made studies of their nucleotide sequences obviously of great interest. The later and gradual realization that the virions of many other virus families, e. g., the rhabdo-, myxo-, paramyxo- and reoviridae, carried minus-strand or double-stranded RNAs which had to be transcribed before they could serve as messenger did not diminish the intrinsic importance and interest in their nucleotide sequence.


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