Leydig-Cell Responsiveness to LH-hCG Stimulation: Mechanisms of hCG- and Steroid-Induced Refractoriness

  • F. Haour
  • J. M. Saez
Part of the Biochemical Endocrinology book series (BIOEND)


Since the discovery of polypeptide hormone receptors, sensitivity or refractoriness of a given cell to hormonal stimulation has been known to be related to the presence of the hormone receptor (Roth, 1973). The appearance of receptors and cell responsiveness has also been related to cell differentiation and maturation (Engel et al.,1973; Engel and Frowein, 1974). In recent years, it has been demonstrated that cell responsiveness may also vary according to preexposure of the target cells to the hormone (Tata, 1975; Raff, 1976; Kolata, 1977; Tell et al., 1978).


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