High Frequency Skywave Measurements of Waves and Currents Associated with Tropical and Extra-Tropical Storms

  • Joseph W. MarescaJr.
Part of the Marine Science book series (MR, volume 8)


The capability of HF skywave radar to measure surface winds, waves, and currents at distances up to 3000 km for tropical and extra-tropical storm conditions is summarized. Significant wave height and wave spectral estimates made using the Wide Aperture Research Facility skywave radar were compared to similar measurements obtained by NOAA Data Buoy Office buoys EB20 (41°N, 138°W) and EB71 (26°N, 93.5°W). Agreement to within 10% was found for wave heights under varying conditions, ranging from less than 1 m to hurricane wave conditions greater than 5 m.


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