The Opioid Receptors and their Ligands

  • Lars Terenius
Part of the Published Nobel Symposia book series (NOFS, volume 42)


The term opioid is used to describe a morphine-like compound. Typical morphine-like activity includes analgesia, drowsiness, changes in mood and mental clouding (10). Several thousand compounds share these properties of morphine and it is clear that they have a very specific action profile. It is therefore logical to assume that they react with a common, specific receptor. In recent years, however, it has become obvious that subgroups of opioids and opioid receptors must be considered. One particularly interesting subgroup is represented by the endogenous morphine-like substances, the endorphins, which are peptides. It is the purpose of this communication to review studies on opioid receptor heterogeneity .


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