Biochemical Studies on X-Chromosome Activity in Preimplantation Mouse Embryos

  • Marilyn Monk
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During early development of female (XX) eutherian mammals, one or the other of the X chromosomes is rendered inactive in all, or most, of the cells of the embryo. This differentiation of the X chromosomes is irreversible, and the adult female is a mosaic with respect to clones of cells with either the maternally-derived or paternally-derived X chromosome inactive. The timing of X-chromosome differentiation has been a subject of considerable interest. Cytogenetic evidence suggests that it occurs around the time of implantation, or at the late blastocyst stage (e.g., see Takagi 1974; Mukherjee 1976). However, other genetic evidence (Gardner and Lyon 1971) suggests that both X chromosomes are active at this stage, at least in the inner cell mass cells of the blastocyst. The subject of X-chromosome inactivation has been extensively reviewed (e.g., see Lyon 1968, 1972, 1974; Eicher 1970; Gartler and Andina 1976; and Monk 1978).


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