Dense Silicon Nitride Ceramics: Fabrication and Interrelations with Properties

  • F. F. Lange
Part of the Materials Science Research book series (MSR, volume 11)


Powder routes are used to fabricate dense Si3N4. Efforts to sinter pure Si3N4 powder have not been successful,1 presumably due to insufficient volume diffusivity, decomposition at temperatures >1850°C2 and volatilization caused by active oxidation3 in the low oxygen partial pressures required to prevent the formation of SiO2. Deeley et al.4 discovered that Si3N4, could be fabricated by hotpressing powders containing a densification aid. Today, many metal oxides and some nitrides are known densification aids. Although hotpressing currently results in a superior product, the feasibility of pressureless sintering with a densification aid has been demonstrated.5–8


Silicon Nitride Eutectic Temperature Oxidation Kinetic Major Impurity Full Densification 
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