Influencing of the Processing Parameters on the Properties of Rapid Fired Porcelain

  • H. Mörtel
Part of the Materials Science Research book series (MSR, volume 11)


The influence of the following parameters on the properties of rapid fired porcelain is discussed: green density of pressed and slipcast bodies, grain size distribution of the raw materials, firing conditions (maximum temperature, firing time, rate of heating and cooling). The properties of the fired bodies which are considered are the microstructure, strength, linear thermal expansion coefficient, shrinkage, and the thermal shock resistance. It can be shown, that the processing parameters affect only the densification behavior of the body but scarcely the properties of the densified body, these are influenced mainly by the undissolved quartz. In this respect the firing schedule, especially the soak period, is of influence on the properties of the densified body in the sense that time is given for a complete dissolution of the quartz.


Green Density Filter Cake Thermal Shock Resistance Linear Thermal Expansion Coefficient Densification Behavior 
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