Topical Problems of Laser Crystal Physics

  • A. A. Kaminskii


This article begins with a brief history of the study of laser crystals. Following this is a treatment of the physical properties of the microparameters CDA (donor-acceptor interaction) and CDD (migration between like ions). Also discussed are the superfast migration in Nd3+ crystals, the boundary concentration (Cb), self-activated (100% concentration) neodymium crystals, the experimental “e”-law, and the two types of quenching constant dependences in neodymium crystals. Stimulated emission in garnets with RE3+ ions, the structural possibilities of garnet crystals, and “mixed garnets” are also presented. The problem of the IR boundary of stimulated emission in activated crystals, the single-frequency phonon model and the effective phonon density in certain activated crystals (Y3A15O12 and YA1O3) are included. In addition, the 3μm stimulated emission of Er3+ (4I11/24I13/2 transition) and Ho3+ (5I65I7) ions at 300 K is covered. Finally, the new laser operating scheme of self-saturating transitions, and lasers with deactivator ions (e.g. Lu3A15O12: Er3+, Tm3+) are also discussed.


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  • A. A. Kaminskii
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  1. 1.The Institute of CrystallographyAcademy of Sciences of the USSRMoscowUSSR

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