Luminescent Processes in Semiconductors

  • D. Curie


This paper deals with a survey (not comprehensive) of the most significant phenomena occurring in luminescence of semiconductors. Because of the lack of space, important topics have been deliberately omitted. However, a preliminary discussion of absorption processes is necessary, for in many cases emission spectra are theoretically derived from absorption spectra by means of the principle of detailed balance. In the first part we remember the gap properties of usual semiconductors and phosphors. The second part describes “near bandgap transitions”, i.e. the processes involving free carriers, free of bound excitons, excitonic molecules and electron-hole drops. Finally the third part is devoted to transitions on localized levels: hydrogen-like impurities, isoelectronic traps and transition elements. The transitions may occur either between states of the same localized system, or between the bands and a localized level, or inside a donor-acceptor pair : in practice, the last case is perhaps the most important one.


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