Search for Cross-Reacting Antigens of Oral Acidogenic Bacteria and Members of the Normal Intestinal Flora

  • Mogens Kilian
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Secretory immunoglobulin A (s-IgA) is the predominant immunoglobulin class found in human secretions and at mucosal surfaces s-IgA antibodies against oral microorganisms have been demonstrated in saliva and is suggested to influence the ecology and, to some extent, the biochemical activities of the oral microflora (3,4,6,7). Several studies in rodents and primates indicate that a potential caries vaccine should be one which stimulates local s-IgA production rather than serum antibody activity (5,6,15). Introduction of Streptococcus mutans cells directly into the salivary gland tissue has been shown to induce salivary IgA antibodies in primates and rodents (5,13,22), and may, in some cases, be protective against S. mutans-induced caries (13,22). In contrast, the subcutaneous administration of the immunogen gave rise to little or no salivary antibody. However, the intraglandular route of vaccination would hardly be acceptable in humans.


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