Neutron Scattering and Interactions between Excitations

  • R. A. Cowley
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 35)


The use of neutron scattering to determine the interactions between excitations is reviewed. A brief summary is given of the use of the triple axis crystal spectrometer and of the theory of neutron scattering. The effects on the neutron scattering cross-section of a frequency dependent self-energy of an excitation, and of the interactions between the modes are described, and illustrated. The interference between a single excitation and multiple excitation processes is reviewed, and the way in which these different effects may be distinguished is described. Neutron scattering may also be used to study the effects of the interactions between the excitations on two-excitation response functions. This is illustrated by examples from magnon-magnon scattering, from liquid helium, and from structural phase transitions.


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