Numerical Calculations in Classical Liquids

  • A. Rahman
Part of the NATO Advanced Study Institutes Series book series (NSSB, volume 35)


We are concerned with a system of N particles with masses mi, i=1,…, N which interact with a potential V which is a continuous function of the coordinates of the particles namely ri, i=1,…, N. The extension to include a system of rigid bodies as well will be mentioned later. The classical equations of motion of the N particles are
$${m_i}{\underline {\ddot r} _i} = - {\underline \nabla _i}V,\;i = 1,...,N$$
so that the knowledge of all the ri and ri at any time t0 is in principle enough to obtain the positions and velocities at any other time t.


Pair Correlation Function Molecular Dynamic Calculation Repulsive Potential Classical Liquid Large Potential Energy 
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