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Industrial Borate Glasses

  • Emil W. Deeg
Part of the Materials Science Research book series (MSR, volume 12)


One of the first factory produced boro-silicate glasses was made by Maës in Clichy, France around 1850. It was a glass one would call today a “boro-silicate crown” and its composition, according to an analysis reported by E. Zschimmer [1], was 56% silica, 7% boric acid, 17% potassia, 2% calcia, 14% zinc oxide, 4% lead oxide. Articles made of this glass included hollow ware and most likely optical elements. Although there appears to be no direct connection between this early boro-silicate glass and today’s wide variety of boron containing glasses, optical elements and hollow ware for special applications are still articles produced commonly from them.


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