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  • David L. Griscom
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Much has changed since the preparation of my Pre-Conference Manuscript “Borate Glass Structures” in the summer of 1976. Most visibly, the title of the actual conference was changed from “borate glass structures” to “Boron in Glass and Glass Ceramics” and the location was moved from Santa Fe to Alfred. Beyond that, the decision was made to publish my position paper in its original form without editing, revision, or expansion. There were two very good reasons for this: (1) the desire for rapid publication and (2) the fact that many of the other authors contributing papers to the Conference Proceedings have undoubtedly included discussions based on the original version. Indeed, the Pre-Conference Manuscript has been too widely circulated to ever hope to cover up whatever mistakes it may contain, so it is just as well that it be printed “as was”. But as a consequence, I must amplify my apology for the informal style and limited scope of this document.


Borate Glass Partial Molar Enthalpy Melting Point Depression Nonbridging Oxygen Vibrational Entropy 
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