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Chemical Durability of Borate Glasses

  • P. B. Adams
  • D. L. Evans
Part of the Materials Science Research book series (MSR, volume 12)


The Na2O-B2O3 binary system has been studied extensively. The work of Krogh-Moe and others, summarized by Griscom,l has attempted to explain the structural reasons for various property changes that occur as the ratio of Na2O to B2O3 is varied. Many inflections in the curves relating properties and composition seem to occur at about 15–20% Na2O, the so-called “B2O3 anomaly”. This has been interpreted as indicative of a structural connectivity maximum. Other information, such as that obtained by nuclear magnetic resonance, suggests that there is a smooth continuous structural change through the system, with BO3 units converting to BO4 units as Na2O is increased up to one to one ratio of Na2O to B2O3.


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