The Conference: One Man’s View

  • Bernd T. Matthias


Well, I have nothing to project, only to reflect. Obviously, I’m not going to rehash the whole Conference, I’ll just give you my opinion. A conference reflects the mood of its scientific societies and the establishment. They act as a kind of gauge of the atmosphere in the field. From this point of view, this Conference was quite a revelation. First of all, it was an extremely good Conference, I thought, probably also because it was small. Secondly, while I hate to bring politics into this, yet in my opinion the Conference was distinguished by a certain post-Watergate candor. People were really very candid and many were quite willing to admit their ignorance or inability to explain their data. They simply cited their results without any implications for theories. So, of course, I found that very refreshing.


Potassium Dihydrogen Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate Metallic Hydrogen Palladium Hydride Diffuse Streak 
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