Some New Aspects of the Pathochemistry of the Post-Ischemic Period

  • B. B. Mršulja


The susceptibility of Mongolian gerbils (Meriones unguiculatus) has provided a suitable model for the investigation of not only prolonged ischemia but also the recovery process after such ischemic insult. The characteristics of metabolite restoration during recirculation indicate that the recovery process is more than a simple reversal of the events which occurred during ischemia. Recirculation appeared to trigger its own series of e-vents including reported changes in certain metabolites and enzymes (15, 16, 22). Although glutamate remained unchanged during ischemia, it has been shown to decrease during postischemia (15). Also, cyclic AMP levels increased an additional 3- to 6-fold during subsequent recirculation (15). While the restoration of P-creatine was rapid and complete, recovery of ATP appeared to occur in stages. The initial increase of ATP was rapid, but complete restoration quite slow, apparently requiring the replenishment of the total adenylate pool.


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