Electrochemical Reduction Mechanism in Organic Peroxides

  • Ê. S. Levin
  • A. V. Yamshchikov


An organic peroxide is represented by the general formula R1 — O — O — R2. If R1 is an alkyl or acyl group and R2 is hydrogen, it is an alkyl or acyl hydroperoxide respectively (the latter are also called peracids); if R1 and R2 are alkyl groups (identical or different) the compound is a dialkyl peroxide (or diacyl peroxide in the case of acyl groups); finally if R1 is an acyl group and R2 is an alkyl group, the compound is a perester. We are also including the inorganic compound hydrogen peroxide in the discussion because it is very similar in its electrochemical behavior to the other hydroperoxides and can serve as the simplest model.


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  • A. V. Yamshchikov

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