Biochemistry of Bacterial Membranes: The Complex Lipids

  • Howard Goldfine


The relationship between the physical and chemical structure of the cell membrane and the physiology of the cell bounded by that membrane have been the subject of much thought and experimental work among animal and plant cell physiologists. During the last decade, attention has increasingly been focused on the bacterial cell membrane, both for its intrinsic interest and as a potential model for the cells of more advanced organisms. During that time we have had to close an extensive gap in our knowledge of the chemistry of the bacterial cell membrane. Little was known about types of lipids and their quantitative relationships, structures of the component parts of the lipids, or how these components are synthesized and assembled into complex lipid molecules. Much information on these questions has been garnered. Another wide gap has just begun to be closed in our knowledge of the structural, quantiative, and functional relationships of the membrane proteins.


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