NMR of Solutions of Alkali Metal Ions and Other Nuclei with Spin Greater Than 1/2

  • Anthony L. Van Geet
Part of the Progress in Analytical Chemistry book series (PAC, volume 176)


To exhibit nuclear magnetic resonance, an element needs to have at least one isotope with non-zero spin. Out of 81 stable elements, only argon does not have a suitable isotope. If one eliminates resonances over 100 times weaker than hydrogen, 32 elements remain. Of these, 24 have a spin greater than 1/2, and their spectra exhibit quadrupole broadening in varying degrees. Fortunately, the nuclei with broad lines also exhibit very wide chemical shifts. Shifts as large as 1% are observed for cobalt. Good resonances are found especially in the following rows of the periodic system: 1, 3A, 3B, 5A, 5B, 7.


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