Quantitative Thin Layer Chromatography of Amino Acids

  • Helen K. Berry
Part of the Progress in Analytical Chemistry book series (PAC, volume 176)


Chromatography on thin layers of loose adsorbent was carried out as early as 1938. Ten years later Meinhard and Hall used cohesive films which could be made to stick to a glass plate for chromatographic separations (1). With the introduction of paper chromatographic methods the separation and identification of complex mixtures of amino acids became possible. Following the initial work of Consden, Gordon, and Martin, in 1944 (2), paper chromatography of amino acids developed rapidly. Techniques were devised which permitted semi-quantitative measurement of all amino acids in a complex mixture, whether known or unknown. Development of thin-layer chromatography of amino acids lagged somewhat compared to techniques for separation of lipophilic substances, partly because of the highly satisfactory separations obtained by paper chromatography. However, most of the procedures applicable to paper chromatography were found suitable for use with thin-layer chromatography (TLC).


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