External Control of a Shift in Antibody Synthesis

  • S. Hinchman
  • J. R. Battisto
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 73B)


Two types of differentiation of B cells involved in humoral immunologic responses were described: that which develops naturally with time (3,8) and that which is antigenically driven (17,24). With time, cells become immunoglobulin bearers in a definitive order: IgM cells appear first, followed by IgG and then IgA (3). In this case, antibodies of each class would be expected to emanate from the respective cell. On the other hand, when the immunological system is directed by antigen to differentiate on a short term basis, the result may be stepwise synthesis of IgM and IgG (12,18). Many observations attest to the fact that T cells are required to cooperate with B cells for IgG production (5,6,9,14,20,21). The switch from M to G could conceivably occur within a single cell or by stimulation of separate M and G producing cells. Of course, both mechanisms of antibody production may co-exist.


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