Inhibition of Growth and Dissemination of Shay Myelogenous Leukemic Tumor in Rats by Glucan and Glucan Activated Macrophages

  • N. R. Di Luzio
  • R. McNamee
  • E. Jones
  • S. Lassoff
  • W. Sear
  • E. O. Hoffmann
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 73B)


Among the various agents which have been employed in an attempt to delineate the physiological and immunological role of the reticuloendothelial system (RES) has been zymosan. Zymosan was the name given by Pillemer and Ecker (33) to a yeast fraction having the property of inactivating the third component of complement. This cell wall preparation, derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae, was initially demonstrated to be an effective reticuloendothelial (RE) stimulant by Benacerraf and Sebestyen (4). Zymosan was reported by Northcote and Home (31) to be composed of protein, lipid and complex polysaccharides, namely mannan and glucan. Di Carlo and Fiore (11) reported that the composition of the yeast cell wall was approximately 58% glucan and 18% mannan. Glucan comprises the inner cell wall with mannan comprising the outer cell wall (30). Since the observations of Benacerraf and Sebestyen (4), zymosan has been uniformly demonstrated to produce marked stimulation of the RES. These events include increased phagocytosis, increased rate of intracellular degradation of phagocytized particles, increased resistance to infection, increased properdin levels, enhanced humoral immunity and inhibition or regression of various tumors (9, 12,28,32,38).


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  • R. McNamee
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  • E. Jones
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  • S. Lassoff
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  • W. Sear
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  • E. O. Hoffmann
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