Multi-Centre Trial of Naproxen and Phenylbutazone in Acute Gout

  • R. A. Sturge
  • J. T. Scott
  • E. B. D. Hamilton
  • S. P. Liyanage
  • A. St. J. Dixon
  • C. Engler
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 76B)


There are three drugs in general use in the treatment of acute gout. Colchicine has been in intermittent use since Byzantine times but requires frequent administration and its gastrointestinal side effects too often terminate the treatment before the attack. Phenylbutazone is as effective as colchicine (Freyberg, 1962; Gutman, 1965) and untoward reactions occurring during the treatment of acute gout are rare (Smyth and Percy, 1973), although gastro-intestinal intolerance and fluid retention are predominant among the side effects that occasionally limit its usefulness. Indomethacin in adequate dosage has been shown to be as effective as phenylbutazone (Smyth and Percy, 1973) but unpleasant side effects are not infrequent (Boardman and Hart, 1965). There is therefore need for further exploration of safe and rapid therapy in acute gout, particularly as the sufferers are often relatively young and active members of the community.


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  • J. T. Scott
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  • E. B. D. Hamilton
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  • S. P. Liyanage
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  • A. St. J. Dixon
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  • C. Engler
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  1. 1.Charing Cross Hospital and Kennedy Institute of RheumatologyLondonUK
  2. 2.King’s College HospitalLondonUK
  3. 3.The London HospitalUK
  4. 4.Royal National Hospital for Rheumatic DiseasesBathUK
  5. 5.Syntex PharmaceuticalsMaidenheadUK

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