Composition and Metabolism of Phospholipids during Early Stages of Vertebrate Embryonic Development

  • A. M. Pechén de D’Angelo
  • I. C. Bonini de Romanelli
  • T. S. Alonso
  • N. G. Bazán
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 83)


Cell cleavage during the early stages of embryonic development involves deep modifications in the membranes, notably in the plasma membrane. Several of these changes are triggered by fertilization (e. g. Selman & Perry, 1970; Tupper, 1972; De Laat et al., 1974; Trams et al., 1974; Mazia et al., 1975; Marber & Mead, 1975). However they were not yet defined in terms of membrane biogenesis and on the manner by which polar lipid requirements are met. It has been proposed that phospholipids derive from a storage site and that lipid biosynthesis is scarce or absent during early development (Pechén & Bazán, 1973; Crupkin et al., 1973; Pechén et al., 1974; Barassi & Bazán, 1974a, 1974b). A transport system may redistribute the lipids from stores for the assembly of nascent membranes (Pechén & Bazán, 1973; Pechén et al., 1974; Barassi & Bazán, 1974b).


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  • A. M. Pechén de D’Angelo
    • 1
  • I. C. Bonini de Romanelli
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  • T. S. Alonso
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  • N. G. Bazán
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  1. 1.Instituto de Investigaciones BioquímicasUniversidad Nacional del Sur y Consejo Nacional de Investigaciones Científicas y TécnicasBahía BlancaArgentina

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