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An Improved Preparation for Determination of Bradykinin

  • H. Edery
  • Z. Abraham
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 70)


Presently the most sensitive methods for determination of kinins in general and bradykinin in particular include assays on smooth muscle preparations. A variety of organs have been suggested but the most commonly used are the guinea pig ileum and rat uterus. The sensitivity of these preparations towards bradykinin greatly increased after exposure to proteolytic enzymes including chymotrypsin (Edery & Grunfeld, 1969). In addition, the sensitizing action of chymotrypsin has been found to be a useful and simple mean to identify bradykinin (Edery, 1967). Kinins elicit contraction of cat isolated intestine (Schachter, 1956; Erspamer & Erspamer, 1962) and it has been reported that the jejunum showed particular sensitivity to bradykinin (Ferreira & Vane, 1967). It was then considered of interest to see if the spontaneous sensitivity of this preparation could be increased even more when subjected to chymotrypsin.


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  • H. Edery
    • 1
  • Z. Abraham
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  1. 1.Israel Institute for Biological ResearchTel Aviv University-Medical SchoolNess ZionaIsrael

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