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  • Hugh Sinclair
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During two weeks in September there were three International Conferences on Lipids in Milan, each lasting about a week (and therefore two being concurrent), and all presided over by Rodolfo Paoletti. Hurrying between papers in different buildings kept the Congressists on their toes and reminded them when they had caught their breath that exercise is good for you. All Conferences and Congressists) discussed atherosclerotic plaques. Exactly a century earlier, in the summer of 1874, a mathematics don in the second best College of Oxford — Christ Church — took a young girl for a walk. It (or rather, she) was not Alice Liddell who had earlier gone through the looking-glass; for the Rev. Charles Lutwidge Dodgson was a polygynaepaedophiliac; her name was Gertrude Chattaway. For her he wrote a splended poem — The Hunting of the Snark — worthy to lie beside Land of Hope and Glory or Eskimo Nell. For those who were not properly brought up, I might mention that the Snark was hunted with diverse methods by a motley team with a frequent refrain: “Just the place for a Snark.”


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