Effects of Ethanol on Liver Metabolism

  • Edward Majchrowicz
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 35)


Changes in the liver level of lipids and fatty acids occur as results of either acute or chronic administration of ethanol, but the mechanism of such changes is not completely known. Theoretically, there are several possible mechanisms which may explain this process: e.g., ethanol may stimulate the synthesis of hepatic triglycerides from peripheral and administered fatty acids and glycerol (Mallov, 1957; Di Luzio, 1958; Horning et al., 1960; Nikkila & Ojala, 1963; Scheig & Isselbacher, 1965; Kessler & Mishkin, 1966) or it may stimulate fatty acid synthesis in the liver as suggested by Lieber and Schmidt (1961; Lieber et al., 1959). The accumulation of lipids may also be produced by suppressing the oxidation of fatty acids (Majchrowicz & Quastel, 1959, 1961, 1963; Reboucas & Isselbacher, 1961; Wooles, 1966; Fex & Olivecrona, 1968) in the liver or by suppression of lipid release from the liver (Schapiro et al., 1964; Bezman-Tarcher, 1966).


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