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Patterns of Abuse of Dependence Producing Drugs-Some Research Approaches and Strategies

  • Dale C. Cameron
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 20)


Drug-taking is the subject of much concerned discussion in many parts of the world and the stimulus for a variety of activities designed to reduce the present and future extent of such behaviour. Among the factors that may be involved in the recent upsurge of interest in this field are the use of certain dependence-producing drugs by persons traditionally thought not to be involved with their use in a given country, e.g. heroin and central nervous system stimulants by middle — and upper-class youth in some Western countries. Another factor may be the invasion of certain areas popularly associated with the use of a particular intoxicant by other intoxicants, e.g. the use of cannabis in countries that have traditionally been oriented to alcohol or opium and vice versa. Also involved may be the increasing ease and rapidity with which ideas, things and persons may be transported from one place to another.


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