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The Patterns of Drug Abuse in the United Kingdom

  • P. Beedle
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 20)


Public recognition of drug abuse as a community problem within the United Kingdom is barely 10 years old. Public interest, first aroused in 1963 by spree use of amphetamine tablets by young people in London, was heightened in 1965 by a sharp rise in heroin addiction and sensational publicity about LSD. The “drug problem” has since passed through several well-publicised phases without any clear threads or relationships. Following is a summary of the main threads detected from a wide variety of sources:
  • general and special reports by the police;

  • routine analyses of prosecutions, conviction and seizures;

  • Analyses of prescriptions and legitimate supplies of drugs;

  • statutory notifications of narcotic addicts;

  • analyses of hospital admissions and surveys of other population groups;

  • reports by export committees of enquiry;

  • published and unpublished research.


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