Proposed Mechanisms for the Ameliorative Effects of Corticosteroids in Shock

  • J. C. Houck
  • J. A. Gladner
Part of the Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology book series (AEMB, volume 9)


The authors of this paper make the assumption that corticosteroid administration is helpful to the patient in shock. Experts in the clinical management of shock debate this proposition elsewhere in this volume; we simply assume it. If this assumption is true, and at least some clinicians will maintain this proposition, then why and how can corticosteroids influence the clinical course of shock? We would propose that corticosteroids can influence shock both during the initial and the latter phases of this condition- -namely, by inducing bradykininase and stimulating collagen catabolizing enzymes to provide free amino acids for energy production to the patient.


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  • J. C. Houck
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  • J. A. Gladner
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  1. 1.Children’s Hospital of the D. C.USA
  2. 2.N.I.A.M.D., N.I.H.BethesdaUSA

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