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Marihuana: Human Effects

  • Reese T. Jones
Part of the Handbook of Psychopharmacology book series (HBKPS)


A person ingesting or smoking cannabis experiences a fairly predictable sequence of physiologic and psychologic changes that last a few hours and then gradually disappear. Although dose administered and individual differences in personality, expectations, setting, and past drug experience all contribute to varied consequences from a given dose of cannabis, the variability in acute effects from cannabis seems no greater than with any other psychoactive drug. Recently, a number of reviews and collections of papers have appeared that attempt to cover the vast amount of information accumulating about the acute and chronic effects of cannabis (Bech et al., 1974; Brecher, 1975; Committee on Drugs, 1975; Edwards, 1974; Hollister, 1974a; Kalant and Kalant, 1974; Kaymakcalan, 1975; Lemberger and Rubin, 1975; McGlothlin, 1975; Mechoulam et al., 1976; Miller, 1974; Nahas, 1975a, b). Some authors have attempted to consider the research findings in the context of political-social decisions (Edwards, 1974; Pillard, 1974) and point out the lacunae in the data as well as the well-established facts (Edwards, 1974). Other reviews tend to emphasize possible adverse effects (Nahas, 1975a, b; Kaymakcalan, 1975), legal versus health issues (Brecher, 1975), or the chemistry of cannabis (Lemberger and Rubin, 1975; Mechoulam et al., 1976). The continuing research efforts this past year have attempted to fill some of the gaps. Research papers on cannabis are appearing at an average rate of more than one per day and about a third of them deal with effects in humans. Thus, a single detailed review of the literature is becoming an almost impossible task.


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