Biochemistry of Cholinergic Neurons

  • R. M. Marchbanks
Part of the Handbook of Psychopharmacology book series (HBKPS, volume 3)


The cholinergic system has not evoked the interest of psychopharmacologists to the same extent as the adrenergic or indoleaminergic systems of neurotransmission. It is not surprising that lay interest in hallucinogenesis has not included cholinergic agents such as the muscarinic drugs, because severe physiological reactions overlie their psychedelic effects. However, this should not have deterred a more systematic investigation by neurobiologists of the psychological effects of the naturally occurring and synthetic cholinergic agents. This deficit is balanced, to a certain extent, by the intensity with which the mechanism of synaptic transmission in the cholinergic system has been studied.


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