On the Interpretation of Lattice Diffusion in Magnesium Oxide

  • Bernhardt J. Wuensch
Part of the Materials Science Research book series (MSR, volume 9)


Magnesium oxide single crystals of greatly improved quality have recently become available, and techniques which permit preparation of diffusion specimens to temperatures as high as 2500°C have been developed. Data are available for cation and anion self-diffusion and tracer diffusion of 14 different impurity cations. Very different interpretations have been given these data.

Magnitudes of experimental diffusion coefficients are in fairly good agreement in the few cases in which different investigators have examined a given system. Insofar as examined, cation tracer diffusion coefficients appear to be independent of atmosphere. Recent theoretical estimates put the enthalpy for Schottky defect formation at 7 to 8 eV while the best MgO crystals of which present growth techniques are capable cannot display intrinsic behavior at any temperature below their melting point unless Hf is less than 6 eV. Interdiffusion coefficients known to be controlled by cation vacancies extrapolate smoothly to tracer values at zero concentration. It is therefore felt that there is strong evidence that the tracer-type diffusion data obtained to date represent extrinsic diffusion controlled by chemically-created vacancies, with energies of motion of the order of 2 eV. Alternative interpretations hinge on hints of structure in Arrhenius plots which may or may not be significant.


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