Mechanisms of University-Industry Interaction

  • I. Warshaw
Part of the Materials Science Research book series (MSR, volume 8)


The mismatch between universities and industry, between education and practice, which has evolved over the years, has been of increasing concern to educators, industrial administrators, government people, and the students. For example, this topic was one of the themes of the Ninth Annual Institute for Engineering Deans which was held in 1972. It was the subject of an Engineering Foundation conference, “Making Graduate Education More Relevant to Industrial Needs,” which was held about two years ago. It was included as part of a workshop on metal processing, held at the University of Pittsburgh in May 1973 and it was the subject of a conference held at Carnegie-Mellon University in June 1973. The numerous industrial liaison and coupling programs which have been or are being conducted, some of which will be described later, are indicative of the general concern of the universities, industry and government.


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