Microstructure Analysis from Fracture Surfaces

  • P. H. Crayton
Part of the Materials Science Research book series (MSR, volume 7)


Densification by hot pressing has been the subject of kinetics-oriented research for two decades1. Two mechanisms and several models have been proposed, resulting in a growing realization that several mechanisms probably operate simultaneously2,3. It was of interest in this study to obtain quantitative data for the proposed, previously undocumented, mechanisms of particle fracture, particle reshaping and grain growth. While grain size measurement in dense solids has been extensively treated4, the techniques for grain shape are cumbersome at best5 and no consideration has been given to low-density compacts. The method for simultaneous size and shape measurement developed here was based on the ellipse graticule of Fischmeister6. It was the objective of this work to develop this technique to provide an observational technique applicable to study of the early stages in hot pressing. The procedure was demonstrated for one sequence of experiments with alumina.


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  1. 1.New York State College of CeramicsAlfred UniversityAlfredUSA

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