Characterization of Surfaces and Interfaces

  • Jhan M. Khan
Part of the Materials Science Research book series (MSR, volume 7)


The purpose of this paper* is to develop an overview of the techniques that are currently available for the characterization of surfaces and interfaces. The approach is to concentrate upon external agents (for example, electrons) that may be brought to bear upon a given specimen and to indicate the kinds of observables that are available for measurement. The specific probes considered here are: (1) electrons, (2) ions, (3) photons, and (4) electric fields. Of the observables, three are chosen as externally observable. These are: (1) electrons, (2) ions/atoms, and (3) photons. Also included among the observables is material response, that is, changes in the specimen brought about by exposure to the probing agent. For the incident and observed electrons, ions and photons, energy ranges have been established which are characteristic of either fundamental phenomena or commercially available instrument development.


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