Optimum Properties of Zirconia Ceramics for High Performance Storage Heaters

  • L. L. Fehrenbacher
Part of the Materials Science Research book series (MSR, volume 5)


The simulation of true supersonic flight conditions for the development of hypersonic air breathing propulsion systems is a current objective of the Air Force, Heat transfer, aerodynamic heating and propulsion problems associated with re-entry and hypersonic flight within the atmosphere have led to the use of ceramic storage heaters for the source of high temperature air in hypersonic “blow down” wind tunnels. Described are: (1) typical operating conditions, (2) role of thermal, mechanical, chemical and micro structural properties of zirconia ceramics in heater design optimization, (3) engineering evaluation tests on bed and insulation materials; and (4) results of in-service performance in operating heaters.


Thermal Stress Mass Flow Rate Monoclinic Phase Partially Stabilize Zirconia Storage Heater 
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  • L. L. Fehrenbacher
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  1. 1.Aerospace Research LaboratoriesWright-Patterson AFBUSA

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