Cotrimoxazole as an All-Purpose Antibacterial Agent

  • J. C. Gould
  • B. Watt
Part of the Chemotherapy book series (CT, volume 6)


Previous experience with the use of a restrictive and rotational antibiotic policy has been encouraging, (Forfar et al, 1966; Gould, 1975; Keay et al, 1967; Samuel and Gould, 1967). The possible benefits are the control of ecological pressure in hospital wards by withdrawing the selective pressure of certain antibiotics so that there is less chance for the survival and propagation of antibiotic resistant strains. In this way the period of usefulness of important antibacterial agents may be increased. Clinical staff may also welcome the resulting simplification of choice of drug, and mistakes in administration are less likely.


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  • B. Watt
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