Vibramycin Curing Symptoms and Enlargement of Thyroid Gland in Goiter

  • Olfat Mohei El-Din Awad
Part of the Chemotherapy book series (CT, volume 4)


Vibramycin has been found to cure the goiter symptoms in pregnant women (30–40 years of age). After the delivery of their babies, each woman received Vibramycin in two successive courses, 5 capsules (100 mg/ capsule) per course. This treatment led to complete disappearence of the swelling of the neck, and also of the thyroid enlargement. It improved basal metabolic rates to normal levels. 2 to 5 years after Vibramycin treatment and up to now there were no reenlargements of the thyroid nor reswelling of the neck, and BMR remained normal. The mechanism of Vibramycin curing goiter was not eliminated. Relation of Vibramycin action to chlorotetracyclines effects and antibiotic mechansisms was mentioned; Vibramycin may interfere with thyroid cell turnover rate, or it could participate in goiter tissue lysis and normal synthesis of thyroglobulin.


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