Antibiotic Concentrations in Sinus Secretions

  • Anna-Stina Malmborg
Part of the Chemotherapy book series (CT, volume 4)


The maxillary sinus is often the site of acute or chronic infection. The bacteria occur not only in sinus mucous membrane but also in sinus secretion. From there they can invade previously uninfected parts of the sinus mucosa. The sinus infections are often treated by antibiotics. It is then important to obtain antibacterial concentrations of the drugs at the site of infection, that is in sinus secretion and sinus mucosa. Control of antibiotic therapy in maxillary sinusitis by measuring the concentrations in secretion and mucosa has been made only to a slight extent. Some workers like Ferreri and de Sanctis Monaldi (1952) and Strong and Tonkin (1951) believed from their results that antibiotics do not pass into the maxillary sinus in therapeutic concentrations.


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